Ramtech Consulting Ltd (Ramtech) is an independent UK based multidisciplinary practice, providing civil and structural engineering design services.

Ramtech was established in 2014 by our Managing Director Rakesh Parikh. The senior management team collectively has over 30 years of experience in a broad range of sectors including: individual houses, low and highrise residential development, educational, commercial buildings, offices, healthcare, hotels, sports, leisure, arts and industrial buildings. With such diverse range of experience in design of complex and challenging structures in UK & beyond, every person at Ramtech is carefully nurtured to value pragmatism and collaborative attitude towards problem solving.

At Ramtech, we routinely challenge the norms to design innovative engineering solutions which result in to simpler and cost-effective construction. We take pride in our work and constantly strive to create a legacy of:

  • Optimum design avoiding waste of material
  • Ease of construction reducing risk of accidents on site
  • Shorter construction programmes
  • Sustainable Designs reducing environmental impact

Although on average Civil & Structural engineering design fees are below 2% of the overall construction cost, the cost of the structure and infrastructure is often in the range of 30-50% of the total project value. Recognising this high proportion of contribution towards the overall project cost, we consciously invest a great deal of time and care in preparing our designs responsibly which bring value to the project.

Where we work with architects, contractors and other fellow professionals, we form good working relationship with each organisation and maintain open lines of communication between all parties to ensure clear and concise transfer of information.

At Ramtech, our aim is to bring together like minded design engineers and technicians for whom, every challenge is an opportunity to improvise, every change is an opportunity to get closer to the client’s vision and every question is an opportunity to talk about our favourite subject!